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Opticon F-70 CCD OEM Scanner RS232

The F-70 is among the smallest CCD scanners with an operating speed of 700 scans per second. It scans 1D barcodes at an extremely fast speed and can easily be integrated into the product of desire. If you are looking for a fast and small stationary scanner look no further.


This fixed mount scanner is ideal in situations that require 1D scanning at a high speed. Our existing customers use the F-70 in retail P.O.S., self service solutions like a kiosk, parking lot ticket machines and it is frequently used in medical or pharmaceutical analysis machines. It is clear that this scanner is applicable in a wide range of markets.

How we describe the F-70

The F-70 is a high speed 1D CCD scanner that is easy to integrate because of its small size. It scans at a whooping speed of 700 scans per second. The rugged sheet metal enclosure protects the optics and electronics from dirt and other environmental hazards. The scanner is available in 2 models, USB or RS-232. This makes it easy to incorporate the scanner into your design. It offers a wide variety of configurable options for easy integration in your business process.


The F-70 has some unique features that makes it an excellent choice:

  • 700 scans per second
  • Metal sheet protection against environmental hazards
  • Small form
  • USB HID/VCP or RS-232

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Opticon F-70 CCD OEM Scanner RS232 (OPF70-R)

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