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Opticon Electronic Shelf Label 2.9 inch

Electronic Shelf Labeling, also known by the acronym ESL, is a system mainly used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The full graphical display can be remotely updated using a RF based communication network. Automated ESL systems reduce pricing management labour costs and improve pricing accuracy.

The EE-290 is a high resolution fully graphical, e-paper based, display. Thanks to the high contrast of the display it is even possible to read bar codes off the display using a normal bar code laser scanner. Since the display only consumes power during radio transmission, and display updates, Opticon can guarantee a long life time on only two small batteries.


Use the barcode display feature and the bidirectional communication to locally update the price information of specific products. Here is what you can do to update the price information of a specific product without going all the way to the server room:

  • Use an Opticon scanning device and scan the barcode on the ESL label.
  • Update the price information on the scanning device.
  • Send the updated price information to the server using the wireless communication technology of the scanning device.

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Opticon Electronic Shelf Label 2.9 inch (OPEE290)

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