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Barcode Logic Stocklink Stcok Taking Software

StockLink is a simple solution for performing stocktakes quickly and accurately utilising barcode technology.

    Features of StockLink include:
  • Mobile Stocktaking
  • Simple Stock In & Stock Out
  • Barcode Printing
  • Price Checking
  • Serial Number Capture
  • Item Location Capture
  • Adding of Items

Using its own PC based database, stock items can be added manually or imported from a file (csv or txt).

The stock items and details can then be loaded into the mobile barcode scanner, bar-coded stock can then be scanned, the items details displayed and the quantity counted entered. Optionally serial numbers and the location of the items can also be recorded on the mobile scanner.

At any time, the results can be uploaded back from the mobile barcode scanner into the database for consoldation, review, printing of variances and export.

Easy to Use Import Capablities are available in the StockLink software. Many organisations have information about their stock available in their current software systems. Information such as barcodes, descriptions, expected quantities, etc. This data can be loaded into the StockLink database using text files (csv or txt). Our Import Screens guide you through the process of selecting the data columns to import into the StockLink database.

Currently there are 3 preconfigured import file formats, these are for:

  • Sage Pastel
  • Sage Pastel Xpress
  • Pronto

Users of these systems can simply select their Host type and StockLink will configure the system to import their item files with no other setup required.

A generic host type is available for all other systems, when the generic host type is selected, the user can quickly and easily setup the data columns of StockLink to match the data columns in their file for import, this format is then saved for future use

Reporting within StockLink allows you to view detailed information about your stocktake. A set of reports list the details of your stock and the current state and value of your inventory, including locations and serial numbers for your items. The reporting module can also report on stocktake variances - quantity cariations where the expected quantity differs from the actual quantity counted. Reports can be saved in PDF format and then emailed or saved for future reference.

Advanced Export Capablities: the StockLink software contains a set of preset export formats for:

  • Safe Pastel
  • Sage Pastel Xpress
  • Pronto

Or by using the Generic form, you can specify the exact data you wish to export and the order you want the columns in. Once the format of the export is configured the StockLink software will allow you to export data into text file formats (csv or txt).

Barcode Label Printing is included in the StockLink software, this will allow you to print your own barcode labels on either a Barcode Label printer or an A4 printer. A large range of built in templates that suit most printing needs are included. Specialised templates can be created to suit your needs, using your logo, text sizing or label size.

Stocklink as a standalone system, yes the StockLink software can be used as a standalone system. For those users that do not have, or do not wish to export the counted data back to another system, StockLink can be used to maintain inventory levels. Stock arriving can be scanned using the mobile scanner and then this count uploaded to StockLink via the Stock In button adding to the Stock On hand Quantity, or alternatively Stock being sent out can be scanned and then this count uploaded to StockLink via the Stock Out button - decreasing Stock On Hand Quantity. Reports are available for all Stock In and Stock Out counts.

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Barcode Logic Stocklink Stcok Taking Software (DLSK3STOCKLINK)

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